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Chosen Life Transformation Center

We are excited that you have made a decision to transform your life and commit to spending this period of time with us.​Our objectives are for you to be successful in your transformation through an encounter with God.


The first step for your success is knowing you deserve a better life and accepting this new path God has brought you to. You will begin by meeting with our house manager Robert and Pastor Neftali to do an in-person interview.

Packed Luggage

Move In

After accepting a one year commitment to the road of success, you will be given a move in date. Upon moving in you will be given an evaluation, information on what you will experience during your unplugged period and an opportunity to connect with your new house mates.

Stones of Meaning

One Year Commitment

By the completion of the program, our objectives are for each participant to be emotionally & spiritually healthy, restored to their family, employed, self sufficent and able to fulfill their God given purpose.

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